14 options to Rumblr, the Stupid ‘Tinder for Fights’ App That ended up being Fake

14 options to Rumblr, the Stupid ‘Tinder for Fights’ App That ended up being Fake

Pour one out for Rumblr. Works out the Tinder that is would-be for who would like to fight total strangers in dark Walmart parking lots is fake. Explaining on their own as “a group of university dropouts with backgrounds in advertising, design, and engineering” the dudes behind the fictitious would-be meet-and-beat website arrived clean Monday night with an announcement explaining Rumblr ” as a profile project to aid us introduce our imaginative consulting agency, von Hughes.”

Helping to make feeling. The thought of individuals organizing brawls via an application is insane and barbaric and everyone else understands that you need to do is call the Republican National Committee and get CNN to schedule one if you want to stage a nasty fight with a bunch of America’s biggest idiots all. Which got us thinking. What other “umblr”s and “inders” and “indr”s would we should see available to you? Just What area of the co-coordinating software market is underserved?

Herewith our nominations for just what we wish a child in I.T. to create on the weekend.

Grumblr. Swipe left, get together with buddies and brand new acquaintances to whine about colleagues, roommates, being alone in the field while everyone else ignores one another’s gripes over serving a lot more of their very own.

Humblr. Find somebody who is better-looking and much more effective about yourself and your crappy, thinning hair and flabby torso than you will ever be, or a person who has actually done something productive with their lives, or (gasp) HELPED SOMEONE—you know, people who make you feel like shit. Think of it as like being Cristiano’s freshman-year roomie.

Fumblr. Make a romantic date, drop the ball about it. Perform.